Veera episode 686

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Girls in Prison. One More Chance. Being Bipolar. Drowned Out. Dear Albania. Lung II. Operation Crossbow.

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Hometown Hero. Hit The Floor. Diya Aur Baati Hum. Madam Secretary. Swamp People. Devious Maids. Hulk And The Agents of S. The Game.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. Major Crimes. Ek Veer Ki Ardaas Veera English: A Brother's Prayer Veera is an Indian television soap opera, which airs on Star Plus. The series premiered on 29 October and stars Digangana Suryavanshi and Shivin Narang in the lead roles as brother and sister.

The series concerns Veera and her elder brother Ranvijay. Serial Concept: Veera is based on brother sister relationship that's why it has been re-titled as Veera means elder brother. The show will begin with the leads as children and then they will grow up post leap.

The story will narrate struggles and events in their life. Veera is the story that challenges this postulate and glorifies another relation, which is the building block of a family, the bond between a brother and a sister. Veera is a story of complex human relations but narrated through the simple lens of the innocent love between Ranvijay who becomes a mother-figure for his sister Veera. The love between Veera and Ranvijay will become a beacon of hope for people.

The show will begin with children and the story will take a leap showing the struggle and events of life. Watch Movies and Tv Shows for free.

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Episode list All seasons Season 1. AX Men.Law's Soulful Vow!

veera episode 686

While the fighters march forward after Pica's body, Law, who was still with Luffy was deep in thought and decided to reveal some secrets of his past. Thirteen years ago, his benefactor Corazon was killed by Doflamingo and was not only a top executive of the Donquixote Family, but was Doflamingo's brother.

Robin's group reaches Viola and Doldo's location and plan their next plan. Rebecca and Bartolomeo offer to give Law's handcuffs key to Luffy. Doldo is hesitant to trust pirates, but with Viola's and Leo's persuasion how the pirates are the only ones who can help them since the Government has allowed Doflamingo to do as he pleases, they believe the Straw Hats the only ones who can save them. Meanwhile, Franky tries to destroy the factory but is interrupted by Senor Pink and they engage in another battle.

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Pica's larger stone body remains still due to his confrontation with Roronoa Zoro, allowing the Colosseum group to push forward. The Donquixote Family subordinates attempt to hold them off, but to no avail.

Dellinger, Machvise, Gladius, Baby 5, and Lao G watch on from the second level of the newly located Royal Palace, amused at the group's momentum. They are impressed, but still confident that they will not make it through Admiral Fujitora's forces. Baby 5 comments that the Straw Hat Pirates still managed to stop Pica.

Luffy and Trafalgar Law as they reach the first level of the palace; the Colosseum group advancing towards the Marines; and Kyros fighting his way through individually. The Dressrosa citizens attempt to reason with Kyros to give himself up without a fight. They explain that they aren't interested in his bounty, but that their deaths are guaranteed if all of the bounties aren't collected.

Kyros empathizes with their logic, but tells them that he too must accomplish something, charging at them. Bartolomeo is disappointed that Luffy is not there, while Leo and the Tontatta are confused by Pica's larger form and the new location of the Royal Palace.

Rebecca points out that they still have pursuers, but Robin easily dispatches them by making the net she had created for climbing up the plateau disappear. Viola finds the key to Law's handcuffs, and expresses her intent to free him. King Riku attempts to persuade her otherwise, because Law and Luffy are pirates, but she replies that is precisely why they are the ones who can truly help their country.

She goes on to say that the World Government granting Donquixote Doflamingo a special status and protection as a pirate is precisely how their country ended up in this predicament, and therefore she has no interest in their definition of justice.

She claims they only listen to the cries of the people when it is convenient for them, whereas the Straw Hats have acted from a place of sincerity.

They tell him that they also support the Straw Hats wholeheartedly. Rebecca decides that she will get the key to Luffy, with Bartolomeo enthusiastically asking to come along as well so he can see Luffy again. Viola warns her niece of the danger, but Rebecca assures her that she will be fine.

This prompts Leo and Kabu to also offer to accompany Rebecca for further support. Everyone agrees to meet up again at the Royal Plateau afterwards. Franky finally reaches to the factory, and prepares to fire his Radical Beam.

However, before he can release it, Senor Pink emerges and attacks him, wishing to continue their previous fight. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Monkey D.The Episode starts with Dilawar aiming at Veera. Veera asks him to shoot her, he will not be saved after it, he is alone here and they all will kill him.

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Dilawar looks at everyone. Baldev signs Ranvi. Ranvi pushes Dilawar and Baldev and Ranvi hold Dilawar. Dilawar pushes them and Veera hits on his head.

Sinopsis Veera ANTV Lengkap

Dilawar shoots at her and Ranvi comes in between. They all get shocked as the bullet hits his heart. Baldev beats Dilawar. Veera and Gunjan cry.

veera episode 686

Balwant calls for ambulance. The police comes there and arrest Dilawar. Baldev asks inspector to arrest Manjeet too.

Dilawar says he will see all of them. Baldev asks Ranvi not to close eyes. The medical service comes and they take Ranvi on the stretcher. They rush him to the hospital.

The doctor comes and says they removed the bullet, but Ranvi is critical and he should get conscious next 48 hours else he can die. They all pray for him. Bansuri consoles Gunjan. Deepu asks anyone to come with her, and takes Gunjan.His friend says its rakhi, and his sis has tied on his hands… Ranvijay gets curious to wear it and asks him to give one to him to which his friend refuse… ranjivay even offer him few caps but he says.

Precap: The couple takes the baby girl away from ranvijay to which he argues that its his sister and for that sarpanch scolds his son… The couple demnds sarpanch to give punishment o ranvijay for his and sarpanch says he is too small and for his deed, his parents are responsible so i will accept any punishment from you. Post a Comment Your comments are welcome. Latest News.

Baal Veer - बाल वीर - Episode 687 - 13th August, 2017

No comments:. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. We look into the eyes of each other who could that be that rung through ma mind, the knock didn't come again so we continued with a The life of a thief is full of nervousness and drama and it's a exactly what I've gotten myself into speaking to myself my mom The taxi stops right in front of the administration, I took out 10 cedis from my hand bag and hands it over to the driver, I looks around Subscribe for more.

Powered by Blogger. Enter your Email for a quick delivery.The Episode starts with Dev calling upon Anmol for his singing performance and starts the show with the first contestant.

Ranvi, Gunjan and Vishnu clap for him. Anmol sings Dil ko tumse pyaar hua……………. Veera gets unwell. Ratan and Baldev worry for her.

The nurse says she will call doctor.

veera episode 686

Ratan starts crying. The doctor comes and checks Veera. Nihaal and Chai ji looks on. The doctor gives injection to Veera.

Nihaal says I think we should inform Ranvi. Ratan says no, she took promise from me. My daughter can fight, nothing will happen to her. The lines become flat. The doctor says her BP is normal now, but we have to wait for a miracle. Dev asks the audience to do live voting and we will see which two contestants got more votes and they will go in final round.

Anmol makes the vote appeal. Everyone clap for him. Dev says Ranvi is coming next.

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Vishnu says all the best Ranvi. He leaves. Ranvi prays and says my family is with me and might be seeing me now. He says I m feeling strange today. Check new spoilers.Okay, new game: Why is it difficult to host a murder mystery dinner party when the main suspect is actually a ghost? The victims all die of heart failure, including the one who fell all the way down the stairs and smacked her head on the hardwood. And yet, here we are. The victim was a white man in his late 80s, who made a pentagram in the late s.

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Now the Junior Detectives are spending a quiet evening at home, talking things over. The autopsy showed that Ezra died of heart failure, which proves that it must have been murder. Who ever heard of somebody dying of heart failure on a television show? Now, in a situation like this, somebody has to be Watson, serving up the straight lines so that Sherlock can announce his deductions.

You can always count on a Sherlock for productive deductions. Johnson saw. Suppose this man and the woman we saw are in conflict.

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Liz tries a different tactic. Liz blinks, and asks the only possible question. She spent months looking through old photograph albums, and she examined all of the old receipts and accounts, whatever those are. At a certain point, you just hand over the documents, and wait for the next fatality. Tomorrow : You Remind Me of a Man.

When Barnabas walks into the drawing room and stops next to the piano, you can see the top of the set. When the second scene starts, Liz and Barnabas are standing still at the door, obviously waiting for their cue to begin the scene.

Where is the storage room that Liz brings Julia to? So where are they? Dark Shadows episode guide. Maybe the Collins family wanted to show off their brand new Kodak camera by taking photos of the staff. Here the werewolf and ghost stories are obviously merging. As Barnabas pours Mrs.

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Now, your tea. How do you takage? Even inshe is a personal maid like Angelique, which I think is a bit higher in rank than someone who cleans the floors. However, a relationship between her and Quentin would have still been scandalous, sort of like Barnabas and Angelique. Huh, I never thought about Quentin and Beth in the context of being the equivalent of Barnabas and Angelique. Yet another happy accidental parallel on this show.

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